H-Sphere password checker

Hspwchk2 SmallThis application will check for weak passwords and can optionally email clients with relevant details.

A PHP script provides the relevant data to the Windows based application - the script has built in security so it will only respond to certain IPs, requires a password that you set and only runs over https, you can of course also add your own further security via firewalls etc.

Some highlights...

  • Check for only alpha/numeric/alphanumeric
  • Check for similar username and password
  • Check against your own dictionary
  • Check against any combination of FTP, Mailbox, CP, MySQL, PgSQL, MSSQL passwords
  • Email clients who's password weakness score is too high with your own templated mail

Requirements...Hspwchk1 Small

  • Windows Application
    • .NET v2 Framework
  • Webserver
    • PHP with IonCube
    • SSL (The script will only run over https)
    • Access to the control panel database (recommended via a restricted user id)
  • Mailserver
  • (if sending emails to clients)

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